I focus on delivering client-side applications, using the latest javascript frameworks
, low-code and no-code tools
, to focus more on writing business related code.

Work Experience

AbleNext Solutions - NOS Telecomunicações

Outsystems Frontend Developer / March 2021 - Present

Development of the mobile app and website in varius internal projects. Among the various roles, front-end development stands out. Component creation, creating code that can be scalable and easy to change.


Outsystems Frontend Developer / October 2020 - March 2021

Development of the Mundo Galp mobile app. The app is an one-stop place for managing electricity and gas bills, and discounts for Galp gas station.

Build for the Future Hackathon - Outsystems 2021

Participated in Build for the Future Hackathon Outsystems 2021, developing the gamification app Everis Social Reload, to inform rural communities of South Africa about Cancer. We won three prizes:

  • Winner of the challenge Center for Community Technologies(CCT)
  • Best user Experience
  • Best technical solution
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Truewind - NOS Telecomunicações

Outsystems Frontend Developer / October 2019 - August 2020

Development of the WOO app, which consists of joining Mobile Data and Cable Internet in a single package, and managing your plafond and services.


Outsystems Frontend Developer / December 2019 - August 2020

Development of two back-office mobile apps for work-day and human resources management

Match Profiler - SPMS(Serviço Partilhado do Ministério da Saúde)

Frontend Developer Accessibility / October 2018 - July 2019

Development of the ASP.NET Citizen Area portal, which consists of managing your prescriptions, vaccines, making an appointment online. The biggest development challenge was to make the site accessible (A11y) for all people.

Goodlife & ClubeFashion

Developer / October 2017 - November 2018

Development and maintenance of white-label e-commerce website, and support to the email marketing team. Involved in the creation and testing of a REST API designed to deliver data to a single mobile app, using PHP and Codeception for the tests.


A11yReactJsOutsystemsCssSassBootstrapJavascripBubble.ioAdaloWebFlowAdobe Experience Manager


  • 2022: UX Accessibility - Pluralsight
  • 2022: Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity - Cybrary
  • 2020: Maratona Data Science do Zero - QODA
  • 2020: ReactJs - Pluralsight
  • 2018: Web Accessibility - Pluralsight
  • 2017: Web Developement - ETIC(Escola de Tecnologias Inocação e Criação), Lisbon
  • 2012-2015 Graduation in Digital Designer - Faculdade Anhanguera de São Paulo - Brazil


Top 5 National Creativity Ranking CCP 2022

I was nominated for the top 5 in the programmer category.

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App in Adalo

I developed an app that provides me with tech news in Adalo.

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I developed an app in Build for the Future Hackathon - Outsystems 2021.I used Outsystems and css.

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I developed a front-end website and was nominated as one of the top Portuguese startups to watch in 2022. I used Gatsby, Bootstrap, and ReactJs. I used Gatsby, Bootstrap, ReactJs.

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I developed and explored new Technologies. I create Coffe Shop website with webflow

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